How to describe the lonelyness? it feels like a dream that you never wanted to be in. Spidres pincushing a web in your desires, and blind the view of hope into your personality, turns into a nightmare your day. Considered that, i must push my energies to walk trough a ways of unchained and pityless humans walk around me, advices me about to the right and wrong, when they know the only thing wish is to deceit me into a pit of sorrow and darkness. Are you one of them? I´m try to arise from my own sorrows… face the truth and kick in the eye… but i need you, why don´t be here and help me to go ahead and follow you to the next stage? let me allowed into your lifestyle, eat your feelings, vomit my reality and after all, be a usable person to enjoy the life like you and the rest of the sheeps of the farm?
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